Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This Week's Centers

Hi friends!

We are getting ready to pack up every book in our library so that we can get new carpet this summer. Before we do that, we have to finish fourth and fifth grade research projects and take field trips to the public library with second and third grade. And our library centers are still engaging students during their weekly checkout visits!

Here's what our centers look like this week.

Tadpole Center: You can read all the details in the linked post. I have a tank of tadpoles, a chart for student observations, and books about frogs (picture books, fiction, non-fiction and poetry). Today's funniest observation about the tadpoles: "They don't have a mom!"

Puzzle Center: I have a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle of the ocean out on a table. And, yes, I do have a reading strategies poster right in front of the table, so students can read it as they're working the puzzle!

Beach Bump Addition Game: This is a free download from TPT. Just print the pages,  add Unifix cubes or some other marker and dice. I laminated the boards so that I can reuse them next year. I chose the addition game so that several grade levels can play it.

Letter Cube Discovery Bottles: I filled empty Vitamin Water bottles with salt and sparkly letter beads from Walmart. I hot glued the lids on and numbered the lids with colored dots. Students shake up the bottles, make words from the letter beads they see and write the words on the chart at the table.

We are crazy busy but still learning and have a great time at our centered school library!


  1. I just got your book-and you are brilliant! I can't wait for school next year! And I'm going to share with all my colleagues.

    1. Wow! Thanks for your encouraging words! I can't wait to hear more about your library centers next year!