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If you have some great lessons, graphics, or other teaching ideas, you really should think about selling them on TPT! I know that I would love to have more librarians in this marketplace, so that I can buy YOUR awesome products.

You can sign up for a TPT seller's account by clicking on this graphic:

You have two choices for your seller account: 

*A free seller's account allows you to keep 60% of your sales proceeds

*A premium seller's account allows you to keep 85% of your sales proceeds, and costs $59.95 per year

The remaining percentage goes to TPT to maintain and build a website that is easy to use and sends tons of traffic to teacher-sellers!

You probably saw the story of Deanna Jump on the news. She's a super sweet kindergarten teacher who has made $1 million (so far) selling products on Teachers Pay Teachers. 

I know that many of you are already creating fabulous lessons for your students. You can upload those to TPT, and make a little bit of extra money while you're at it. Here are Deanna Jump's Ten Tips to Make a Million Bucks.

Make sure you sign up for the TPT newsletter, to keep up with news and special promotions. I look at the freebies in the newsletter to get ideas for better ways to design products. 

After you sign up for an account, you can download this free video if you need help learning how to create products, with formatting and graphics.

Wondering how much to charge? Here is a free download from Rachel Lynette with a pricing chart to guide you. I've found that most sellers of quality resources follow these guidelines. 

Here's another cool thing that I found: Charity Preston's Teaching Blog Traffic School

Teaching Blog Traffic School
If you are interested in blogging and selling products on TPT, Charity's video course is friendly and fun to watch. She shows you step-by-step how to build traffic and sell products. I watch the videos over and over (she updates them) and find shortcuts that save me lots of time and get results. It's way easier than trial and error!
(The TPT link and the TBTS referral link on this page don't increase your cost or reduce your income, but they do send a little referral fee to me, to keep me in Sonic Cokes so I can keep on blogging!)
(Ok, there are a few other things that make me happier than a Sonic drink, but sometimes that cold Coke really hits the spot!)
But I got distracted. Back to our topic, TPT...there are forums on TPT where you can ask questions, and plenty of instructions. If you have questions, I'd be glad to help. I really do love to collaborate, and I think that TPT is a great way for us to accomplish that!

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