Thursday, May 3, 2012

Plagiarism Video

Hi friends!

As you know, I've been busy with lots of research projects, now that STAAR testing is behind us. I like to use a catchy video as part of my lesson, both to keep things interesting and to post on my LibGuide so students can watch it later or teachers can show it in their classrooms later.

I found a good video on School Tube that I've been sharing with classes in our library.

It's a cute video with (I think) a librarian and a teacher who are acting like they caught a student copying a Web page word for word and copying an image without giving credit. This story keeps the students' attention and hits the main points about putting text into your own words and crediting the source for both words and images. It's funny (to me) at the end when the teacher says he's going to "go get that Billy!"

Do you have any videos that you use when you're teaching research skills? Please share them with us!

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