Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thick vs. Thin Questions for Research

Hi friends!

This week, I'm  starting research projects with our fifth graders. After being introduced to the flipped classroom, I've made it a practice to create or find videos that review the concepts I teach. I post those videos on our LibGuide. That way, teachers and students can watch the videos later if they need to review.

We'll begin our project by having students generate their own questions to research on our topic. I created this Animoto video to introduce the concept of thick versus thin questions.

After we watch this video, I'll generate questions with students for a few minutes in a large group, and I'll have them tell me whether the questions are thick or thin. For example, I might ask the thin question "what color are your shoes?" and then the thick question "how did you choose those shoes?"

Then they'll go to their small group tables and begin to write their own thick questions. I'll check those questions before they start taking notes to answer them.

You are welcome to use this video in your school library, if you'd like!

How do you teach YOUR students to ask good research questions?

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