Bulletin Board Ideas

Do you have lots of bulletin board ideas? Or could you use just a few more?
Here I'll gather lots of colorful inspiration for you, with directions. You know that your students, parents and principal want to see changing decorations, with student work on display so they know what's going on.
Keep coming back here when it's time to change your bulletin board. You'll find new ideas all the time. And when you come up with a great design, please snap a photo and share it! We can all use another good idea!
Ready to create a bulletin board?
Okay, first you need a background material. We often default to cutting off a piece of butcher paper from the roll, but we have more options. Some teachers swear by the cheap vinyl tablecloths you can buy at the dollar store. The colors are bright, and the price is right.
Other teachers buy a plain or print fabric for the background and reuse it year after year. This costs a little more, but if you have storage space, it will save you time next year. You can also use wrapping paper, for unlimited color and design choices. An alternative is twin flat sheets at your local discount store.
Next, you need a border around the edges. There seem to be millions of border designs to choose from, from a plain color that goes with anything to a detailed photo or illustration. On these pages, you'll see how the border complements the main message.
Then you'll add lettering and design elements, to send a message or to describe the student work. My favorite bulletin board ideas incorporate three-dimensional elements, so that they stand out and seem more realistic. You may use graphics purchased at a teacher supply store, printed and laminated, or created by your students.
Are you ready to be inspired? Then check out our assortment of awesome ideas for your library or classroom.

With autumn themes like pumpkins and scarecrows, these designs will bring fall colors into your space.

Snowmen, hibernating bears, steaming mugs of hot chocolate, and sophisticated black and white designs for your winter wonderland!

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What have been your favorite bulletin board designs? Share them with us!