Sunday, October 20, 2013

Got Time?

Hi friends!

Do you have enough time?

At my recent presentation for the Region 20 Library Resource Roundup, I handed out exit tickets with a survey. I asked my librarian audience what three challenges they face in their libraries. Ninety percent of the librarians listed "time" as a challenge.

What about you? Yep, me, too.

I've been reading the book, 18 Minutes, by Peter Bregman. It's the book choice for the AASL 2013 Conference, and it's all about getting things done.

And I REALLY like it! I checked it out from my public library, and I took notes on my favorite parts so that I could remember them AND share them with you!

Here's a quote that really sums up the focus of the book: "So often we scramble to get a lot accomplished in a day and succeed--only to realize in retrospect that those things we accomplished won't get us where we want to go. It's not a lack of effort. It's a lack of direction and focus." (p. 41) Exactly!

I know that you teacher-librarians are working hard. No doubt about that! Your days are crazy busy like mine. But if you're not accomplishing what you want to, I recommend this book to you.

Here's some of the advice from 18 Minutes, comparing time to an all-you-can-eat buffet: "The secret to surviving a buffet is to eat fewer things. And the secret to thriving in your life is the same: do fewer things." (p. 101) Don't worry; he does explain how to do less.

Here's what Mr. Bregman says about boundaries. "Setting a rule and then letting people break it doesn't make them like you--it just makes them ignore you." (p. 193) Have you discovered that with your students? If you tell them to raise their hand for a turn to talk, but then you respond to someone who didn't raise their hand, suddenly no one raises their hand anymore! It works the same way with adults and boundaries.

If you can't find the book at your library, or you want to highlight in your own copy, you can find the paperback on Amazon.

Here's a two-minute video overview of the book, from the author.

I hope this book will help you as much as it's helped me. I'm really excited about putting these strategies into practice and accomplishing more of my goals!

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of the book.

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