Friday, September 20, 2013

Library Freebie Friday: Nonfiction

Hi friends!

I follow Loreen Leedy (children's author and illustrator) on Teachers Pay Teachers, so I find out when she creates new products. And today I saw one that I have to share with you!

Here's a cool new freebie that would make a great library center: Nonfiction Reading Response Cards for Any Informational Text.

Here's what you do. Choose non-fiction books about a subject your students are studying: plants, or habitats or history or whatever. Students use the information in the informational texts to complete these cards. Then other students use these cards as a learning game.

I think the game aspect will make it more fun for students. I know my students will enjoy creating a challenge for their classmates. And it makes me smile when I see that they have to write the title of the book, giving credit to their source of information. :D

I appreciate that Loreen Leedy shared this with us for FREE! Check it out, and make sure to leave her some feedback love if you think these cards are great.


  1. Thanks for the heads up! I love Loreen Leedy's books and this freebie is very generous!

    1. Thanks, Amy B! I agree--this is a generous gift from Loreen Leedy! It will be so useful for our nonfiction library centers!