Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Scholastic Book Fair Volunteers

Hi friends!

The Scholastic All-Star Book Fair is still on my mind, since mine is coming up in two weeks.

I wanted to share with you this super idea from Miss Liberry Teacher for volunteer thank-you gifts. She  bought Cracker Jack boxes, wrapped them in sports cellophane bags from the Dollar Tree and tied them with ribbon. Cute! (This photo is from the Dollar Tree website.)

I've bought the metallic star necklaces at Oriental Trading Company for my volunteers to wear and keep.

If you are planning for your Scholastic Book Fair, make sure you check out my posts about:

Now, here's my question for you, awesome blog readers... how do you recruit volunteers to help you with your book fair? Please tell us about it in a comment, so we can help each other!


  1. $5 Gift Certificate for those who volunteer! I have enough profit that I just take those out of my book profit.

    1. That'sh what I do too! a $5 gift certificate is enough for a paperback book at the bookfair, right?
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. I don't use students for volunteers (K-4 school) but I do use parents. We have a half sheet in the first newsletter home with parent volunteer opportunities and the office gives me the names and numbers of those who checked Book Fair and returned the form. The ladies love coming in!