Thursday, July 12, 2012

World Puzzle (bargain alert)

Hi friends!

I was in Costco this morning, and I found something that I've been trying to find for a long time, for only $9.79. It's a big puzzle of the world, AND (this was the hard part to find) each piece is a single country!

I've found a few world map puzzles, but their pieces were chunks of several countries stuck together. I think  that our students learn more by looking at one country's name and shape as they try to fit it in the puzzle.

Here is a picture of the same puzzle at Amazon for a higher price (that doesn't happen too often). It's called the World GeoPuzzle, and it won the Smart Play Smart Toy seal of approval from Dr. Toy. Its 68 pieces will build a 26 inch by 12.5 inch map of the world. 

So...if you were looking for an excuse to go to Costco (this puzzle is in the book section--but you were probably going to stop by there anyway, right?), or if you've been searching for a world puzzle to add to your puzzle center, here you go!

Happy shopping!

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