Saturday, February 18, 2012

Map Library Center

I saw this pin today about a felt globe, and placing felt continents on it.

At Living Montessori Now, you can find the directions for making this center. I know that our students would love the feel of the felt as they place the continents onto the blue globe.
I don't really want to spend all the time drawing the continents onto different colors of felt and then cutting them out. I could spend all that time reading instead!
Here is my solution for a felt map center:

You can purchase this felt/flannel map set from Amazon. It looks like you still have to cut out the states. But I could do that on Sunday evenings while I'm watching Downton Abbey, right? Or I could outsource it to a fifth grader with excellent fine motor skills.

Our students LOVE the huge USA map on the carpet in our library, and I think they'd really like a center where they could actually pick up each state and put it in its spot.  I also know that since our state doesn't test social studies in elementary school, it often gets neglected.

This is definitely going on my Amazon wish list!

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