Saturday, December 10, 2011

Printable Bookmark Links

Ed Helper Printable Bookmarks:
At EdHelper, they have a good collection of bookmarks that you can print for students to color. The ones on the list with a (b&w) after the name are the ones for coloring. Illustrations include cats and dogs; gingerbread; dinosaurs, endangered animals, and holidays.

Scholastic Printable Bookmarks:
If you subscribe to Scholastic Printables (you can use Scholastic Dollars from your book fair), you can print the months of the year and other designs for students to color, for a reasonable subscription price. Here's an example of the stationery toppers I print and copy to use as bookmarks.

Activity Village Bookmarks:
Activity Village, in the UK, has plenty of printable bookmarks to color, including seasons, holidays, and monsters. 

Printable Magnet Bookmarks from Wild Olive

Fruity Bookmarks

We Wilsons Blogspot includes "nose in a book" bookmarks!

Stripey Print and Color Bookmarks
Winter Fun Color-in Jokes Bookmarks

Now, what printable bookmarks have YOU found?

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