Sunday, August 26, 2012

Printable Genre Bookmarks to Color (free)

Hi friends!

Thank you SO MUCH for providing The Centered School Library with 100,000 pageviews! We reached that milestone this weekend, and I'm delighted!

To celebrate with you, I've created a set of printable genre bookmarks to color, and loaded them as a freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers. Here's a sample.

And here's how I use these.

1) I print them out, copy lots of them, cut them apart and put them at a center with Crayola Twistables (the crayons, not the Twistables colored pencils that break too easily) and erasable colored pencils.

2) My students LOVE to color in the outlined letters. I'm talking about the big kids, too! So, as they're coloring the genre name, they can see the related terms that help them to understand the genre.

3) They can use the smaller words on the bookmark as search terms when they're looking for a book in our online catalog.

4) If I had more time with my students, I would have them use these search terms, find books in our online catalog, and write the titles on the back of their bookmark. This would help them to break out of a rut and find new titles, authors, and even series to read!

Thanks again for sharing The Centered School Library with me!

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