Monday, December 12, 2011

Winter Bulletin Board Ideas

Do winter bulletin boards give you the blues? Perk up! Grab a cup of steamy hot chocolate and enjoy our design inspirations. You'll see so many ways to brighten your winter classroom or library, with styles from cute to sophisticated. Let's take a look!

Hibernate with a Good Book!

Okay, let's start with a cute winter bulletin board from Canadian librarian Barbra Hesson. What's not to love about this hibernating bear? He's got that snowy cloth from the discount store underneath him, looking white and fluffy. A blanket (maybe burlap?) is wrapped around his shoulders, keeping him cozy. And his book is propped open, standing out from the board. When your bear is this adorable, you don't need much adornment on the border or background. 

Steamy Hot Chocolate

Here's a really steamy idea: hot chocolate! Although this background is high contrast black, you could also choose silver or gold wrapping paper for extra dazzle. You can cut the mugs out of colored card stock or cut out white mugs and let the students decorate them. Add cotton balls on top for marshmallows and curled pipe cleaners or paper strips for steam. Add the writing prompt at the top of the board, and a solid border!

Black and White

Look at this sophisticated black and white display. Don't you love it? Let's see what makes it look so special. I see a double border: white dots on black around the outer edge, with plain white border next to it. Just like double matting a picture, a double border adds extra punch! Teacher-made or purchased snow people loom large on the black background, surrounded by student creations on the walls nearby. Let it snow!

Chill Out with Good Books!

I think the sunglasses make this winter scene ultra cool! You can change the message to whatever you choose: Chill Out with Cool Books, Chill Out with Cool Writing, etc. The shiny wrapping paper background, snowflake letters, and an actual hat and sticks for arms are details that make this design outstanding!

Treat Yourself to a Good Book!

 I set up a center where students wrote a book recommendation on a candy cane, then colored it. I posted these colorful treats on this bulletin board, bordered with peppermint candy gift wrap, together with a few book covers and a large gingerbread man.

You can get the printables for this center as a free download at my Teachers Pay Teachers shop!

All Aboard the Polar Express!

This is what a kindergarten doorway at my school looks like. Isn't it awesome? The Polar Express is coming out of a tunnel.

Beside the doorway is this bulletin board, with the punched train ticket (black circle die cuts). The artistic teacher that created this projected the pictures onto the wall and drew the design onto the butcher paper.

Do you have an outlet near your bulletin board? Then you can show your students how READING LIGHTS UP THE MIND! This was created at Milford High School in Nebraska.

Your winter decorations can extend to your door with a cute snowman like this one!

Chill Out with a Great Book!
These chillin' penguins were created by Third Grade Thinkers, and you can download her cool book review form here.

Or maybe your penguins want to chill around the lighted igloo at your door. Isn't this cool?

Show off your beautiful wrapping paper and ribbon, together with colorful book covers, and wrap it all up with a big bow!

Bake up a fresh batch of smart cookies, using foil to create cookie sheets. Here's a free printable if you want your students to create cookies like their favorite book characters!

Look! It's Santa at the door!
Isn't he handsome? Don't you love his fluffy hair and beard?

Or how about some clever reindeer?
The kindergarten teachers at my school created this super display in their hallway.

See how the reindeer in the middle, with their eyes rolled innocently upward, are covering up the word "don't," changing the sign to "FEED reindeer?"

It reminds me of Click, Clack, Moo, where the cows outwit the farmer.

If you have a photo on your blog or website of a great winter bulletin board, please send me the link in a comment. I'd love to share it and help inspire other teachers!

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