Monday, July 8, 2013

Texting to Learn!

Hi friends!

Are you gathering lots of great ideas for next school year? Here's one I want to try...

The website is Your students can create a text message conversation, between two characters in a book, for example, or people from history.

I created the dialogue above based on the fun  book I just read, The Sinister Sweetness of Splendid Academy. If I were doing this as a project with students, I think I would even allow them to use text spelling and abbreviations. 

I saved the graphic as a screenshot, but the site also creates a hyperlink (if you want to post this student work on your class webpage or blog), or you can print the graphic. You don't have to create an account, either!

I like this easy-to-use technology tool, and I think my students will, too! I will also use this opportunity to talk about how ALL texts can be saved and be careful, little fingers, what you type!

How would YOU use ifaketext with YOUR students?


  1. That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing! I found your blog this summer and have enjoyed it so much! Thanks again!!! :)

    1. Thanks for taking time to comment, Mrs. Dilday! Keep on being awesome!

  2. I think this is INSPIRED! Can I link to a blog post on my site? And thank you so much for reading! :)