Monday, May 6, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Sale

Hi friends!

I am loading up  my wish list tonight for the Teacher Appreciation Sale on TPT starting tomorrow, May 7.

When you enter the code TAD13 at checkout, you can save up to 28% during the Teacher Appreciation Sale, May 7th and 8th.

Here's what I've added to my wish list.

1. Dewey Display Signs from Ms. O Reads Books. These signs are so cute and colorful! They will really jazz up our nonfiction section.

2. Under the Sea Library Displays from Ms. O Reads Books. More cute and colorful displays! I am running out of decorating steam, and I think these bright beach-y signs will be just what I need to make the library seem decorated while I am busy working on research projects!

3. Elementary Book Tasting from Carolyn at Risking Failure. I may not get to this until next year, but it looks like a fun activity to get students acquainted with a variety of books.

4. Penguin Measuring & Research Station from Carolyn at Risking Failure. I think these animal measuring and research stations sound like incredibly engaging library centers. I can't wait to try them with our students!

5. iReader Punch Card Sampler from The Book Bug. Our students will think these are really cool, and they'll like getting 5 punches for reading 5 books.

6. Adopt-A-Shelf Library Program Bundle from Mrs. Lodge's Library. Do your library shelves look as messy as mine do? I would love to have students take ownership of our library shelves!

7. Did You Know? Library Center from Mrs. Lodge's Library. This library center has students look up fun facts on the library databases and write them on cards to share with others. This will be a good activity at the start of next year when we are introducing some new databases!

8. Frog and Toad Clip Art from Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs. Our first grade spends a lot of time with the Frog and Toad books every year. We love them! This clip art will help me to create some cute frog and toad centers.

9. Mo Willems' Pigeon Backpack Travel Journal. This product is not rated, but I would love to try this with first grade next year! You send home a Mo Willems' pigeon (the little stuffed animal) with a student, and they draw and write about what they did with the pigeon. You put the pages together to create Pigeon's travel journal!

10. Borderz Bundle from Krista Walden. I stumbled upon this product, but I like the creative black borders that I can use for my library center signs. I can print them on colored cardstock and not have to use the color printer. They will add a little pizzazz without distracting or overwhelming my students.

What have you added to YOUR wish list? I'm sure I've missed a few things that I really need!

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  1. Hope your kids love the "iReaders." They have been a big hit at my school this year. =)