Monday, May 27, 2013

Take a Day to Remember

Hi friends!

On this Memorial Day, in addition to honoring our heroes, let's also take a moment to remember why we became teacher-librarians, and why we truly love our jobs.

I know things are tough in different ways for everyone. Many of you have told me about the challenges you face, and the obstacles you overcome every single day. I feel your stress, and I admire the way that you persevere.

At school last week, I saw something that reminded me of why I count myself blessed to be exactly where I am.

I have been teaching fourth and fifth graders to use Animoto to show the results of their research. Every once in a while, I check the videos in our Animoto educational account to make sure nothing crazy is going on in there.

I found this anonymous video, unrelated to any school project.

You can see by the spelling, punctuation and (lack of) capitalization that it was created by a student. And you can feel that the message came straight from this student's heart.

I am so grateful to be working with growing minds and tender hearts. Aren't you?

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