Saturday, April 20, 2013

Poetry Centers in Action

Hi friends!

I blogged about my Top Ten Poetry Centers a few days ago. I tried out the butcher paper poetry center from Mrs. Lodge's Library. Wow! My students amazed me!

My center looked like this. Super easy.

Butcher paper, markers, a printed map of our San Antonio Zoo, animal poetry books, and a sign: "Write a poem or draw a picture or both about the zoo."

I had no idea what to expect. Here's what I got. (I blurred out the student names for privacy. Steve is the name of the bird, not the poet. :)

Sensory details, rhymes, delightful!

Not an original poem, but a useful poem that we memorize to tell the difference between a coral snake and a non-venomous one. Do you see the peer editing that happened with the spelling of the word "friend?"

As each sheet of butcher paper filled up, I put it on the wall for display and replaced it with another.

I HEART this poem!

The Ibex
They turn their necks
standing on mountain treks
try not to fall, so stand with skill complex
or you will be an ex-ibex.

(All I can figure is that this student saw the ibex on the zoo map and went off on a rhyming extravaganza.)

I LOVE POETRY and I LOVE giving our students the chance to express themselves, outside of the little round bubbles that dominate our day.

I hope you are giving poetry centers a chance in your library!

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