Friday, April 26, 2013

Library Freebie Friday Musical Chairs

Hi friends!

For today's library freebie Friday, we have a fun library version of musical chairs.

The student document is a free download from TPT.

Of course in the library, everybody wins! No chairs are taken away in this game! Here's how to play.

Put chairs in a circle (1 chair per student), and a book or magazine on each chair. Students start in one chair, then move around the circle when you start the music. When you stop the music, they sit down and look at whatever reading material is on the chair. Repeat until everyone has had time to look at several items.

Older students can use this "notes" page to record titles they're interested in and save the page in their library folders for future reference.

At the very least your students will have a chance to move around and look at a variety of reading selections.

(Thanks to Illinois fifth grade teacher Jenni Yingling for creating this freebie!)

Sounds like a great day in the library! Happy Friday!


  1. We will try this out on Monday! They love any kind of activity when they get to move!! Thank you!

    1. You're welcome, Kathryn! Mine love to move, too! It's great when their movement can actually be purposeful! ;)