Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Googly Eye Fun

Hi friends!

Wow! Does Lori June at The View From Here know how to have FUN or what?

Check out this googly-eyed video she made for her students!

Would your students go crazy over this like mine would? We (heart) googly eyes!

And Lori June says she didn't even stick the eyes to the books--just laid the books down on a table, set the eyes on top, and snapped the photos!

Don't let the BIG TEST get you down! Get googly!

(And thank you Lori June, for allowing me to share this!)


  1. I have some giant googly eyes I keep meaning to do something with. They wouldn't fit on a book, though.

    1. I think your giant googly eyes want to be in a library orientation video, in different parts of the library.