Friday, April 12, 2013

Freebie Friday with Scaredy Squirrel

Hi friends!

It's time for Freebie Friday, featuring the one and only Scaredy Squirrel!

We love Scaredy Squirrel's books! What a fun character to read about! This furry little fellow is so timid that he makes every student feel incredibly brave by comparison.

I think I've mentioned to you how art-starved my students are, so I like to include simple drawing instructions at a center whenever I can.  I was delighted to see these printable Scaredy Squirrel drawing instructions here.

Copyright Melanie Watt, of course! With these instructions at a library center, your students can draw their own bookmarks.

We watch the Scaredy Squirrel book on BookFlix, that I purchase every year for our campus with book fair money (Scholastic dollars). This is a trailer for the Bookflix version of Scaredy Squirrel.

And, of course, you could show this super-cute librarian-made video called "Scaredy Squirrel Goes to the Library!"

And, if you are as silly as I am, you might enjoy Scaredy Squirrel's version of "Call Me Maybe." Apparently SS has a show on CN.

He doesn't look quite so timid in his music video, does he?

Do you have any favorite Scaredy Squirrel activities?


  1. I can't promote Scaredy Squirrel anymore! It is one of the most popular series in my Library and it's never on the shelf! If I promoted it again, there would be a riot. LOL! Thanks for the resources.

    1. I know what you mean. Some books (series) are really good at promoting themselves!