Friday, March 22, 2013

Library Freebie Friday

Hi friends!

Freebie Friday is here! I want to feature a free resource for librarians here every Friday. I'll start with things I've created or found. But if YOU have created a free printable, I'd love to share it here with other "centered" librarians.

Please use the "contact me" button on the right side of this blog to send me the link to the blog post or product listing so that I can share YOUR great free ideas with other librarians. Together, we're better!

This Friday, I'm sharing a freebie I created that is simple but powerful.

This sign is a free download from my TPT store. I put it in an acrylic sign holder at my desk, and place a book I've actually read next to it, standing up so students can see the cover. It's a GREAT way to start a book talk!

Students want to hear what YOU thought about a book. Even if they don't check out that specific book, it's a good conversation starter. It's important that you have read the book, not just the blurb. They can tell the difference.

Fortunately, you can read picture books and most non-fiction books pretty quickly and keep this spot stocked with super selections. Without much effort, this simple sign can encourage your young readers, and let you share your love of reading.

I was delighted this week when I read Stars Beneath Your Bed: The Surprising Story of Dust by April Pulley Sayre. Wow! I really liked that book! It amazed me! If you were here at my checkout desk, I could show you the page that surprised me the most! Did you know that the dust on your computer screen could be from a dinosaur? Really!

Happy Freebie Friday!


  1. Hi Cari, Do you let the students check the book out right away or do you keep it displayed for the week?
    Love your blog! You have great ideas! Thanks!

    1. I let them check it out right away, then I replace it right away. Sometimes I replace the book 3 times in one class period. It keeps the pressure on me to keep reading books in our collection! It may be a picture book, non-fiction, poetry, chapter book, whatever I can talk enthusiastically about.
      Thanks for your question!