Sunday, March 3, 2013

Book Fair Super Dee Dooper!

Hi friends!

We finally wrapped up our Seuss-themed book fair on Friday, and, oh, the fun we had!

Our Seuss dress-up day was so much fun that our principal wants to have something like that every month. Woohoo!

My library assistant and I dressed as truffula trees. Hundreds of our students and many of our teachers dressed up as Seuss characters. One girl tied a stick on top of her head to become Max, the dog from the Grinch! Everyone who dressed up earned a pencil or eraser from the book fair, and we all had a blast!

Over the past week, some of you have sent me some GREAT book fair suggestions. I have to share them!

1) A special wish list for the littles.

Amy Bendall creates a special wish list for her kinder and preK students so they can circle their choices. She gave me permission to share her document, and you can see the full-size PDF here. She puts the hot titles for their age group on one page so they can have the freedom of "choosing" from an age-appropriate selection. Perfect!

2) To keep track of volunteers, Tonya recommended Sign Up Genius.

This is a free tool that lets you schedule your volunteers online. This would have helped me, instead of passing around a paper sign-up sheet. Do any of you use Sign Up Genius?

For more book fair tips, check out my Pinterest board!


  1. I've used SignUpGenius to organize Book Fair volunteers for the past 3 years and it has been a huge time-saver. I heard about it from my kids' school and, as a mom, I appreciate the e-mail reminders and the fact I can always log in to check the things I have signed up to donate or events I have signed up to volunteer!

    1. Anne,
      Thanks for letting us know about your experience. SignUpGenius sounds like a great tool! I will definitely have to try it for my fall book fair.