Sunday, February 3, 2013

Loreen Leedy on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Hi friends!

Did y'all know that Loreen Leedy, children's book author and illustrator, sells products on Teachers Pay Teachers? YES!

She has activities to go with her books, great clip art, and activities like this free download that I just grabbed.

We have the cowboy theme all over our school right now because of the San Antonio Rodeo.

So, if you're shopping the big sale today, check out Loreen Leedy's store. And remember to enter the promo code SUPER to lower your price!

Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks for the heads up. What a fun resource. At my old school, we did a fun "partner reading" where two kids read the same book and filled out a pair of cowboy boots that had simple questions for each to answer. (It was a great use of the duplicate books that seemed like mistakes in ordering...) We just pulled them all out on display and let kids pick books and a partner. Everyone wanted in! Loreen Leedy's boots would be a great extension to that project.And a great display too!

  2. Shelly,
    Thanks for sharing that activity! I think our students would really enjoy that, too. I'm always looking for fresh activities for rodeo time!

  3. Hi Cari,

    Thank you so much for posting about my cowboy boots! I'm delighted to find your blog, will enjoy exploring it.

    1. Hi Loreen!
      Thanks for stopping by The Centered School Library. I appreciate your comment and the resources you share on TPT!