Thursday, January 31, 2013

Load up your TPT wish list!

Hi friends!

TPT is throwing another big sale on Super Bowl Sunday, up to 28% off! This is a great time to snap up the clip art and lesson ideas you've had your eye on. I know that I find it hard to resist super-cute clip art to add to my printed signs or activities.

Here's what I've found. During these really big sales, traffic on the TPT site can slow down quite... a ... bit. So I browse ahead of time and put everything I want in my wish list. Then on the sale day, I can just check out from the wish list and not spend a lot of time wandering around to different "stores."

I know that I'll be looking for something to do in between the fun Super Bowl commercials, so I'm planning to check out the sale myself.

If you are thinking about selling your products on Teachers Pay Teachers, a big sale is a perfect opportunity to download some of the top-selling products and analyze their awesomeness. How much clip art do they use? How many pages? How much instruction do they give for the activities?

The next post I write for you will be about the two surprises I had in my library this week: one living and one non-living. More about that in a day or two!


  1. Cari,
    Any ideas on what you might purchase? It can be so overwhelming! I tend to like the adorable alpha order resources that fit with holidays. Nonfiction text feature resources are ones I keep my eyes open for too.

  2. Amy,
    So far I've bought some clip art from Ashley Hughes and LittleRed. I like to make signs and printables and I've got a weakness for cute clip art. I agree that the alpha order activities are a good choice. It doesn't seem like our students get much practice with that in the classroom!
    Happy shopping!