Thursday, November 15, 2012

Reading Teepee!

Yippee! We have a reading teepee!

You know that we already had a reading tent and a campfire. A few weeks ago, one of our great teachers stopped by and offered me the use of a teepee that someone made for her. Oh, yes!

Our PE teacher had some lengths of PVC pipe that we used as the frame, and we tied the top together with twine. It's perfect for November and Thanksgiving!

Do students love to read in a teepee?

You know they do!

I put 4 of our backjack chairs inside the teepee. It doesn't do much for the authentic Native American look, but I was worried that a student would lean back against one of the support poles and bring down the whole structure.

After we built our teepee, I found this video, which would have made the construction process much simpler!

I am thankful for teachers who share, and for fun places to read. I am thankful for my job as an elementary school librarian, the best job on the planet! Where else could I have this much fun?

I hope you are loving your job this Thanksgiving season!


  1. Oh if only I had room! A great idea for fall!

    1. Thanks, Carolyn! I barely squeezed our teepee in, and I blocked part of the biography section...but only for a couple of weeks. It's worth it!


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