Monday, October 22, 2012

Duct Tape Shelf Markers

Hi friends!

I just found another great idea for decorating  your shelf markers--duct tape! Here's what Renee at Books -N- Bags created.

You know that duct tape comes in all kinds of colors and designs now, right? On the Duck Tape website, you can find duct tape in all of these patterns.

I could also see using a strip of duct tape to identify the shelf markers for a class or grade level. Okay, maybe not the skulls in elementary school, but the zebra or polka dots?

Wouldn't that add some fun to your library? Thanks, Renee, for sharing your great idea!

p.s.-have you seen the shelf markers hand-made by Sonya Dykeman's students? You can see them at the Library Patch.


  1. I have the purple with little spiders on it (bottom row)! Was going to make some bookmarks but then I couldn't find my black tape, too, and didn't want to use up the purple on both sides.