Saturday, June 30, 2012

S'More Tech Summer Camp, Day 21 (PicMonkey Collage)

Hi campers!

We normally don't have camp on a Saturday. But today I just have to send you over to Free Tech 4 Teachers for an awesome show and tell!

My co-worker, Ms. O, is a guest on Free Tech 4 Teachers. She wrote a post about using PicMonkey to create a photo collage to pique student interest in books.

Check it out here! I think that you'll find that it's another great tech tool to take back to school with you.

I hope you have time this weekend to make a photo collage for your summer tech camp scrapbook!

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  1. Oh, goodness. Thank you! Didn't know it was going to be today. Same day as the Nerdy Book Club, too. Now. Back to my ginormous house de-clutter. Why is it so hard to "weed" personal books? And movies? Going to move some DVDs to a binder ... debating getting rid of the containers or keeping them for school. Wouldn't a DVD cover make for a good little game or center container? I saw a little travel art kit on Pinterest. But hello ... the whole point is to get RID of things, right? Later!