Monday, April 9, 2012

Library Centers This Week

Hi friends!

I decided to start posting the library centers that I actually have set up each week in our library, so that you can see our rotation of work stations.

This week, beginning Monday, April 9, here are our learning centers:

  • I have a Monarch butterfly chrysalis in a net container, with butterfly and caterpillar books displayed on the same table and magnifying glasses for observing the butterfly

  • I have a leopard frog that a kindergarten teacher didn't want to keep feeding, and his tank is on a table with (of course) frog books and more magnifying glasses
  • Listening center with the CD of Jack Prelutsky's The New Kid on the Block, because we are celebrating poetry in April
  • Whisper Read to Self Center (discussed in more detail on this blog post)
Whenever I display books at a center, I encourage students to check them out. I want the exciting object on the table to help the student connect to a book that he or she might not have found otherwise!


  1. I love your posts. I am inspired to be a better librarian through you.

    1. Librarian4, I am humbled and encouraged by your comment. Thanks so much!

  2. Cari,
    How do you make sure that you still have books for that center by the end of the week if students are checking the books from the centers out? I totally agree with you about wanting them to get something that they are interested but I will run out of books by the end of the week.

    1. I put out LOTS of books...fiction, non-fiction, poetry. I haven't run out yet, but if I did, I would put somewhat-related books on the table. For example, if I had a frog at the center, and all the frog books were checked out, I would display books about lizards, toads, and other similar animals.
      Thanks for asking, Anonymous! I'm going to write a blog post tomorrow about my tadpole center, and I'll explain this in my post, since others may have that same question.