Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Seuss Puppets Library Center

Need more Dr. Seuss silliness? How about these finger puppets to color and cut out?

After your students have made their puppets, they can dramatize a Dr. Seuss story or one they create themselves.
This is a free printable on the Michael's website. Enjoy the Seuss-ical fun!


  1. Hi Cari - I am so excited to have stumbled across your blog! I too am an elementary school librarian. I just started my own blog this week, and I have come across tons of teacher blogs, but not so many librarian ones. I love the ideas of library centers and can't wait to take a peek around your site. I will also make good use of your favorite blog lists. WhooHoo ... more librarian websites. We librarians are one of a kind you know! If you are interested, I can be found at www.librarypatch.com.

  2. Sonya, I will definitely check out your blog! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've noticed the same thing--lots of teacher blogs, but not so many librarians. We are already isolated enough in our schools. I think we need to reach out online and collaborate!