Sunday, February 19, 2012

Library Crossword Center

Thanks to Mrs. Lodge's Library for sharing this great library crossword center!

She made the puzzle board from the big oil drip pan you can get at Walmart or Auto Zone.
You can make your own letters from colorful foam, like Mrs. Lodge did, or buy Scrabble letters. In either case, you'll need to add magnets to the back.

She changes the topic every week to something different that's library related. Check out the original post on her blog. I think it's a terrific library center idea!


  1. Oriental Trading also has foam magnetic letters. The set comes with uppercase AND lowercase letters. :)

    1. Caren, I didn't even think to look there! Thanks for sharing this source. I see that at Oriental Trading you can get 208 Magnetic Alphabet Squares for $7. Great deal!