Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dr. Seuss door hanger library center

Look at this really cute Dr. Seuss door hanger! I think this will be perfect for the week of March 2, Dr. Seuss' birthday!

I will copy these and print them on cardstock. I'll remind students about the imaginary creatures that Dr. Seuss drew. They can draw their own colorful characters in the large blank spot on this door hanger. Then they can cut it out and take it home.

Thanks to Dr. Seuss Resources from K-2 Printables for this free download!

Thanks to The Book Bug for letting me know who the original source was, when I couldn't figure it out from Pinterest!


  1. Hi Cari,

    I pinned the same thing. You can find the original item here:


  2. Thanks, Jo! I want to give credit to my sources (like I tell my students to do)!