Thursday, January 12, 2012

Building Block Library Center

Do you have a bunch of extra Duplos around the house? Maybe your own children have outgrown theirs? Here are two GREAT literacy centers that you can create from these.
Thank you Filth Wizardry for sharing your handiwork!

How did this creative California mom do it? She made vowel blocks, with a different vowel on each of the four smooth sides. She made consonant blocks, with a different consonant on each side. Then she made a few with consonant blends like "ch" and "th." I would also make sure to have a block with "qu" on it, too.

For the older students, here is another way to use the Duplo blocks.

She put whole words on the longer blocks. Students can stack these blocks to create sentences. I would create a sample sentence at the center to get the ball rolling.
I like the way that she put opposites on either side of the block, like "his" and "her." That's another way to help your students think about the words.
She used white labels and a permanent marker on all of these. You can find more details at her Filth Wizardry blog.
Now I know you may be thinking about how much time it would take to write out all of these stickers. But it seems like something you could easily do while you're watching TV in the evening. And I KNOW that our students would be really engaged at these Duplo library centers!
What do YOU think?


  1. Drat and a half. Somewhere on Pinterest I got an example sheet of words and letters that all I had to do was print. Then we cut up the strips and are using label protector tape to stick on (I wonder how long it will be before the kids figure out how easy it is to pull the tape off :/). But now I can't remember where it was. :X

    1. Let me know if you find it. That would definitely streamline the process!