Monday, December 26, 2011

Magnetic Discovery Bottles

Discovery bottles to illustrate magnetism...these turned out to be so much fun! Cheap and easy to assemble...I'm so glad I made these. Let me show you how!

For a magnetic discovery bottle, you need to start with a smooth bottle. Students will be running a magnet around the outside of the bottle, and bumpy bottles (like Vitamin Water) won't allow the entire surface of the magnet to slide along the outside of the bottle.

I found these smooth water bottles from Voss at my local grocery store. They are PERFECT for this center, and the water tasted good, too!

Next, you need a filler for your bottle. I used colored rice as a filler in one bottle, and pom poms in the other bottle. Both are colorful and lightweight.

Then you'll add to the bottle something that will be attracted to a magnet. Cut up pipe cleaners (aka chenille stems), paper clips, or an assortment of household items will all work. Leave space in the bottle so that students can move things around by moving the bottle. Hot glue the lid onto the bottle.

I create the magnet wands by gluing a button magnet to a large craft stick. If you already have magnet wands in your science supplies, those will work even better.

At the center, I put books about magnets, magnet wands, discovery bottles, a poster board and markers for student observations.

This has been a VERY popular center in our elementary school library! Students in every grade enjoyed the challenge of moving the metal objects around in the bottle by running the magnet wand around the outside. In fact, teachers stopped by after school to try it. I couldn't believe it!
Give this center a try at YOUR school library. You will love the way your students will be engaged with this science concept. Let me know how it works for you!

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